About D. Myntia Daniels

Daryl Myntia Daniels is a contemporary artist who discusses the importance of self -love and discovery through mixed media paintings. She explores the layers of the human body as it relates to the cosmos and puts Black women at the center of the conversation. From self-portraits, to studies of other women, she uses a process of layering pens and oil paints to explore identity and beauty standards in society and how they connect with nature.

Daniels was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH where she trained as a competitive gymnast under her mother's coaching. Her experience as an African American gymnast has made a huge impact on her interest in the figure, nature, and race.

Daniels received her BFA in painting at Ohio University and her MFA in Fine Arts at SVA in New York City. She has shown in places like Chasama, the Hole, the Knockdown Center, the Annual Harlem Arts Festival, the annual Harlem Fine Arts Show, the Untitled Space, La Maison d'Art, and in Miami Art Basel. Daniels currently lives and works in the Bronx, NY.